Great People. Great Jobs.

We are a team of experienced recruiters who believe in doing things the right way. Our team represents each client opportunity and candidate search with integrity and expertise.

Communication is King
It might sound simple, but clear and detailed communication is one of the most important aspects of any search.
Quality Over Quantity
A lot of people might say it, however we deliver on it. Save your time and energy.
Tax Specialized
It is what makes us Wells Blair. We understand the market and have the track record to prove it.
Teamwork is Powerful
Each piece of the puzzle is important and it takes great coordination to achieve awesome results.



"Since we started working with Wells Blair about 3 years ago, they have become an important and valued recruiting firm with multiple placements at our company. They have consistently delivered high-quality candidates and are always professional and efficient to work with. I would recommend Wells Blair to anyone looking for a high-quality tax recruiting firm."

Doug, Tax Director

"Wells Blair has been a great asset for us over the past few years. Their thoughtfulness and flexibility has helped us fill several essential positions in our organization. We sincerely appreciate the time they have taken to understand our needs and find qualified candidates while being mindful of our unique culture. Their positive attitude has made them our preferred tax recruiting firm and we will continue to use them to expand our tax department."

Pamela, Tax Director

"I first worked with Wells Blair three years ago when they placed me with a new company, and also assisted me in several job orders when I was with that company. Over the last ten years I have worked with recruiters and have not found one better than Wells Blair. I value their honesty, their realistic view of the marketplace, and their extensive network of tax candidates. When I’m asked for a recommendation, Wells Blair is always at the top of that list."

Luis, State Tax Manager

"I was very pleased with my interactions with Wells Blair throughout the placement process because of their professionalism, courtesy and integrity.  I would recommend Wells Blair to friends and colleagues."

Tasheaya, Senior Tax Adviser

"I strongly recommend Wells Blair.  They helped me transition from a company I had been with for nearly 20 years to a company that has been an excellent fit.  I had the feeling during the entire process that they were all about finding a good fit for me versus producing a commission for their company.  They were responsive and very good at listening, which can be rare among recruiters."

Roger, Tax Director